Wednesday, August 22, 2007


I have been going through a lot of very difficult things in my life lately. But with loss comes rebirth and newness. With honesty comes peace. I have not been able to create any art lately - the inspiration just will not come. I know it will eventually again, but right now, my feelings are coming out in poetry.

it’s been a dreary cloudy day
for so long
the rain has soaked through my clothes
but i hardly notice
my skin has become numb
and the sweat mingles with the rain
i run through the smog
barely able to breathe
my lungs gasping for air
wondering if i will survive
my heart was full at one time
as the days and years went by
i freely gave of myself
first an arm
then a leg
i gave my soul
my mind…
have i become an empty shell
with nothing left to give
or can i be refilled somehow?
as i run
i wonder
am i still a whole being
have the parts reconnected…
i can only think that i have to escape
nowhere to go but up
as i reached the bottom long ago
my eyes were closed
a mask positioned upon my face
that i placed upon myself
so i would not see
suddenly desperate
i have torn it off
and opened my eyes
what i see causes the tears
to sting my face
the saltiness
enters my mouth
and i accept it
i must take flight
the wings i never knew i had
have lifted me from the ground
and carried me away
gently, tenderly
caressing my soul
i feel the limbs begin to grow
but i will not walk
i will fly

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