Tuesday, July 17, 2007


Some of you have asked me to post a photo of the purse I made for Haute Handbags 2. So here it is. The glasses case on the front of the purse was made with a Smarties box. I covered it with a couple of layers of cardboard to make it stronger, covered it with the same paper as the purse, and then coated it with Crackle Medium. At first, i just wanted the insert on the front, then I saw a pair of broken reading glasses, and knew they were meant to be in there; of course they fit perfectly. You can also see inside the purse.

As I am on holidays for three weeks and not going anywhere in particular, I hope to get a lot of artwork done and share it here. On Sunday, I went to my first ATC trade and brought the ATCs that I posted earlier. I met some great artists and kindred spirits and went home with wonderful miniature works of art. But of course, I couldn't go home before I went to RubyDog's and get my fill of a bag full of Leanne's goodies. The great thing is that Leanne can tell you the year that each item was made in. As she processed a sheet of German scraps, she told me the story of how they were made in the late 1800's, and how the early scrap books got started. But you'll have to go there to hear the whole story. Her link is on my Favourite Places list.

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